Venture into the Wild in this fast-paced, chaotic bluffing game!

A party game for three to six players - Ages eight to adult.

How to Play

Don't like to read instruction manuals?  Learn how to play Call of the Wild by watching this gameplay example and rules summary.

Gameplay from GENCON 50

We had a great time at Gencon 50! Thank you to all of the wonderful people who took time out of their busy schedule to help us playtest Call of the Wild. We made some new friends and received valuable feedback. If you want a sneak peek at how much fun Call of the Wild is, check out our gameplay video!


Interview with RATHER FUN GAMES about
Call of the Wild

Interested in how we came up with the idea for Call of the Wild? Would you believe it came to us in a dream? This and much more in the interview with the creators of Call of the Wild.


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